Manufacturing Seminar – Thursday, Sept. 17 – 6pm

Join us for a manufacturing seminar lead by Oakland Fashion Network co-founder Paula Pfotenhauer and designer of JEAJA.

So you’ve designed some pieces, got them in a couple shops, and you think you are ready for the next step…production. Just what does that entail? Can you find a manufacturer here? What do they need from you? How much will it cost? What about overseas? Sew samples, spec sheets, BOMs, POMs,CMTs, vertical, size runs, QC and TOPs …Confused yet? Come get yourself schooled at OFN’s next meeting.

Paula Pfotenhauer will break it down and answer all your questions to the best of her knowledge. Paula spent 5 years working overseas working in over 100 factories primarily in Vietnam and China, as well as India, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia as a Quality Control and Factory Inspector and Sourcing Agent. Curious about what goes on overseas? A slide show and virtual tour of how a pair of jeans are made will also be presented.

Thursday, Sept. 17 – 6pm

JEAJA Design Studio

314 14th St. Oakland

Free for members, $15 at the door.  Discounted $10 tickets via Eventbrite:


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