May OFN Meeting Minutes

Hi OFN-ers, Are you rocking your day? Its another beautiful May day and though we made it reign in April, there’s little rain this month. We need to make it reign again ! Our May meeting was on the small side but made up for it in passionate discussion . Seriously, it was rousing!  What I love about OFN is that everyone has a voice. Everyone has given a goodness of themselves to offer up to the group and it is what made our 1st show such a success and it is what will make our next show even better. Everyones input was insightful and thoughtful and I kept smiling through the meeting because I kept thinking something is really happening here. This is not my imagination!  Its very exciting to be at the forefront of a movement. Oakland is busting at the seams with innovation and focus. Oakland fashion was featured in the New York Times a couple weeks ago and not to be out done, San Francisco Chronicle will be doing a feature on Oakland Fashion as well and you can bet we will be getting plenty of airtime. I think it will be out this next week. Anyway, lets keep the momentum. Sherry will be back for the next meeting and so should you. We need to get dates for the next show and a venue. We were obviously busting at the seams at Urban Stitch so we are going to have to step it up space wise.   Taylr From Taylrz Joynt  started with the announcement of the show she is putting together called Go. The Chronicle has interviewed her and is waiting for a date for her upcoming show- which will be held on her street and with the idea of the models walking across the street when the light signals “Go”. The crosswalk goes directly to her shop so the idea being to lead the eye of the onlookers to her shop. The show will be short- 20 minutes…but will also be dictated by the traffic signals. At present there is no permit and she is hesitant to procure a permit. Dianne says she will mention anonymously to a friend of hers in the city planning department to see if this  is a concern.  At the moment the conclusion is to proceed with the knowledge that the show could be shut down. A tentative date for the show has been set for July 12th. We left it at the calling of this type of show as more Flashion. Guerilla style fashion show/ trunk show.  Taylyr is adamant that the show be somewhat short and the point is to get people into the store to buy. All designers are invited to be in this show, a rack will be made available to hang garments that you would like to sell. Because of the limited size of the shop, the rack will likely be outside. Obviously many details need to be ironed out. Please send questions to Taylyr at (510) 467-0432   Introductions- a short round of introductions were made. We then decided to go around in a circle to hear feedback on the show.       IMG_5539IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5543 IMG_5544

        Paula: Amazing. Loved seeing that we are a team. That we bring all of our talents together and  make something that none of us could do alone. The  actual show went on a little too long. Needs to be shortened. Too much verbage. Dianne: A grocery bag available for each designer so that after the model comes back, the dresser can quickly put the garment and accessories in a place that can be sorted later and yet can be found easily – there was confusion finding hangers, baubles and shoes after the show and chaos as to dealing with all this during the show. Tape on bottom of shoes so that they may be returned. – this should be done ahead of time. Label on bracelets and jewelry as to who it belongs to Have garments ready a day before. Pictures of garment on model on hanger. Template for photo No sewing of garments during show. DeAngela: Script update….cannot hand update right before the show. The reader needs to go over her script and take the time to make sure she has it right. There should be brackets for pronunciations on words. Position of host was a bit awkward. She didnt’ feel like she could reach all audience. Shorten the script! Intermission? …. A lot of people leave during intermission so maybe shorten the show or  cancel intermission or….put on an intermission show that is something different from the fashion show. (Ben offered this from his experience at his show in Alaska) Jules countered that we need an intermission for the models to dress and to not have too many back stage. …but if we have a bigger space. Haphees: Bigger venue. Make a separate space for the trunk show so that is is clear what is going on in there. Just a bigger venue for everything is obviously needed. Lighting- florescent lighting is better than tungsten . Tungsten gives a red light to everything. Callum: Where were the buyers? Time of day- better for buyers to come during the day and people are more likely to buy during the day. Change the time of show. Tyese: School is doing an article on the show on the 19th. Word trunk show as such. – Define our objective- trunk show or fashion show. Some people aren’t familiar with the term “trunk show” Have a place and time for front, back and side photos of the models of each outfit for the designers to get out of it. Have a designated time to do this ie. weddings do this. Jules: Put time and emphasis on buyers Social media strategy- our own. Meaning if we lead a concerted effort we can reach a lot of people using our own social media. Get smarter about drawing the hard line. She called it incentifying- ie curating, deadlines…learn a way to make sure everyone does what they need to do. We pulled off quite a feat…there were 55 people involved in the production of this ! Margarette: Buyers didn’t show. So she would have designed differently if she had known it was more of a fashion show rather than showing buyers what she had to sell- meaning clarify who we are appealing to. Taylr added that creating a look book to drop at Buyers shops would be a good idea. Getting a sales rep that represents all of OFN….share the costs of a rep by doing this. Work on our venue of resources. She said she would like to buy African fabrics…where can this be listed where it is easy to find on our website. LaChe: Theme was watered down. Get more cohesive about the theme. Slow music, walks were too slow. Take more risks. …we could have had chairs outside. Taylyrs show is a risk….go for it. Too much talking for emcee. Music was too loud at times for people to hear emcee,  Put up a projector that lets people know who they are looking at. Ben: Need to honor that it was good. Be patient with the process. THere was no story. The story was that this is Oakland and Oakland is a little cray-cray. The buyers will come. just keep going. There was love at this show!   Announcements : Ben is looking for a place to live. Paula is renting out an office in her studio space at JEAJA Design Studio. Its very nice private office  , big windows. $400. Includes all utilities and wifi and we can work out use of cutting table . Looking for someone who compliments the fashion theme of the space. Give her a call for a visit- 510 904 8228 Callum will be working on building a resource site (I think…Callum? )


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