Fashion Show Planning Meeting Minutes

Fashion Show Planning Meeting Minutes

Fashion Show Planning Meeting
Sun. March 16, 2014
Meeting Minutes

-Postcards will be printed by Friday. Sherry will let everyone know so designers can distribute to stores, etc. Digital postcard is attached

-Currently have 11 models (2 males) – model meeting taking place on Sat. March 29, 1pm at JEAJA to get a head start on fitting models to outfits
-Designers who need models: please send LaChe what measurements and dress size models you need
-Make-up- simple but striking – i.e. gold brows and/or eyes w/ everything else natural. Gold nail polish?
-Simple hair – maybe narrow down to 3 styles and designers decide which for their models
-Maybe each designer makes a crown for each look?

-Gold graffiti artwork on tag paper – tape down on floor to make the runway
-LED candle lights in paper bags
-Umbrellas spray painted gold hanging from ceiling above runway. Carley is kindly volunteering to take the lead on decorations. Please contact her if you’d like to help: Umbrella donations are welcome!

Seeking help
-Still looking for someone to set up lighting, as well as a DJ. Please send us any leads!

-Designers will show looks together – should organize models in groups – not more than 4 min per designer. If any designers have any looks that are complicated to get in and out of, please let us know!
-We have set up a Google Group for participating designers for an easier way to communicate – if you are not yet in the group, please let us know and we will invite you.

-Margarette Laizure is our volunteer coordinator for the event and rehearsal.
-Jules Howard-Wright is backstage manager at the show. She will ensure that models are present, dressed, and ready to walk in order and on time.

-Start featuring a designer everyday on Facebook to promote the show
-Put all OFN info on site (minutes, meeting info, call for entries, etc.) for one central location to find info

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